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The switch from cytokinesis to intracellular bridge formation in differentiating male germ cells is mediated by Testis-expressed protein 14 (Tex14). Binding of Tex14 to Centrosomal protein of 55 kDa (Cep55) prevents binding of ALIX (Programmed cell death 6-interacting protein (Pdcd6ip)) and Tumor susceptibility gene 101 protein (Tsg101) to Cep55, which is required for abscission at the end of cytokinesis. Tex14 uses the same site on Cep55 as ALIX (Pdcd6ip) and Tsg101. The strong interaction between Tex14 and Cep55 together with the avidity effect that results from interaction of MKLP1 with both Tex14 and Cep55 prevent recruitment of ALIX (Pdcd6ip) and Tsg101 for abscission.

(1) Testis-expressed protein 14 (Tex14)
(2) Centrosomal protein of 55 kDa (Cep55)
(3) Tumor susceptibility gene 101 protein (Tsg101)

Interaction #1 Tex14 - Cep55

Is mutually exclusive with Interaction #2 Tsg101 - Cep55

(1) LIG_EABR_CEP55_1 motif (791GPPSLAY797) in Testis-expressed protein 14 (Tex14)
(2) TSG101 and ALIX binding domain of CEP55 (171-205) in Centrosomal protein of 55 kDa (Cep55)

(1) TEX14 interacts with CEP55 to block cell abscission.
Iwamori et al. Mol. Cell. Biol. (2010)

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